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Novella Three - The Red Veil Diaries

After jilting her at the altar, Jace Matthews is the last person Daisy Cochran wants to see. Five years later she’d as soon shoot him as look at him, so when chance gives her the opportunity she goes looking for answers in the most unlikely of places—a vampire club in the heart of New York City—not the place you’d expect to find rival Weres from a small ranch town in Texas.

What she discovers stuns her to the core, as is the realization she now longs for what she’s been taught to despise. Secrets and deep-rooted prejudice can’t stem her feelings for the man she still loves or the forbidden passion leaving her with a taste for more than just his undead kiss.

Can the two get past what they’ve been taught to hate and straddle two worlds as well as each other? The stage is set for a passion so strong it might be the vampire version of High Noon.