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The Legend Series - Book Three

I squeezed my eyes closed, shutting out the voiceless conversation with my dead sister. Talia was killed on Halloween night almost a year ago. It wasn’t long after that our mother started having visions of my sister. Problem was, I saw her, too. Or did I?

Maybe crazy ran in the family. Except, I didn’t really believe that, and that meant Talia was really here…

Hannah Meyer’s teenage life was shattered by evil a year ago. Since then, visions of her dead sister have grown stronger, more insistent, the closer it gets to Halloween and the anniversary of her death. Something is holding Talia hostage from the light and she warns time is running out.

Angel Morales has been Hannah’s best friend since kindergarten, but lately things have changed, pushing the two into uncharted waters between friendship and love, and now, light and dark.

But they’re not alone in this fight to free Talia’s soul. Rowen Corbett and her witchy family have joined the struggle, but will they be enough to send the most powerful evil they’ve ever faced back to hell?


When evil stands in the way of light,
who will stand with you and fight?