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    Alexa was quiet for a moment before she looked across and found his eyes. “Helen of Troy, Tristan and Isolde, Othello, etc…it’s ironic how all the great love tragedies ring the same. Passion leads to death and despair.”
    Rafe shrugged. “So it would seem so, but my guess is that’s just coincidence.”
    “So what about now. Is passion something you’ve gotten used to over the years or is it still a taboo?” She watched his face wondering if he’d blush.
    With a smirk, he nodded, letting his eyes flick lightly from her face to the swell of her breasts. “Let’s just say we’ve gotten used to the feeling.”
    Warmth spread in tiny electric sparks through her lower belly, gathering in damp need between her legs. “How so?” she managed.
He let his fingers trail along the edge of her bare arm above her elbow. “We acknowledge physical attraction. Even partake in it from time to time. It’s not a taboo, though it’s governed by emotion more than hormones. Angels feel everything you do, but we are held to a higher standard. If one of us falls in love, we can choose to stay earthbound. We have to forfeit our wings and our divinity, but we aren’t considered Fallen. We are considered weighted. There’s a difference. Weighted angels carry the same spark as you. In fact they are referred to as angel-touched.”
    Alexa reached out, placing her hand on Rafe’s. “What if your lover shared that same divine DNA? Would you have to give up so much?”
    He slid his fingers up to trace the line of her cheek. “I don’t know.”


The Blessed Series - Book One

"Angels are neither good nor bad, Alexa. Unlike humans our will is bound by the divine. We do God's bidding and our tasks are not always pleasant or fair. We aren't frescoed characters hovering over humanity ensuring happiness. Sometimes what we bring comes in the form of destruction."


"I thought Angels were supposed to inspire love."


"Love? Yeah, well…that's where the lines get a little blurred."


Rescued from a nightmare, Alexa Burrell finds herself in the middle of a war. One where she's the unlikely key to keeping good and evil in check. Only problem? She must walk between worlds to do so. Dangerous passions seethe between her and the warrior angel sent to protect her the closer she gets to fulfilling her destiny. Can she resist, knowing heaven and earth hang in the balance?