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    “It’s not Melissa that’s the issue or even that she bolted. It’s the why.” Julian drained what was left of his beer and put the bottle on the table. He sat back, considering his friend. “You’re right. I am a little angry and jealous, but I’m mostly fed up. I’m tired of being God’s favorite plaything whenever he’s bored. I swear he amuses himself by fucking with me every chance he gets.” He exhaled hard before rising to his feet. “I think I’m going to take that walk.” With a wink, he took Miguel’s beer, lifting it in salute. “And don’t hover. I get enough of that back home.”
    Miguel put his hands up. “Hey, dude. Whatever you might think, I’m not into watching. I’m into doing.”
    Julian grinned, and the sexy smile ratcheted his tousled devil may care look enough to earn an audible gasp from a woman standing nearby...



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Book Six in the Cursed by Blood Saga

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​​Julian Trevelyan lost his heart to a dark haired beauty on the wind-swept shores of Ireland, but when a rival had her and her people burned inside a church, he lost his soul to darkness. Literally. He's finally learned to live again — as much as a vampire can — but a chance meeting on a moonlit beach one hundred and fifty years later brings it all back again. Only this time there’s more to the collateral blood spilled than what he thinks. Can he help solve who’s behind the bloodshed and save the woman he loves or will the damage be more than either can bear?