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Sassy Ever After Kindle World Exclusive

Sassy and independent, Jewel Randall is not one for easy trust. Adopted as a human infant into the veiled world of the supernatural, she grew up thinking she was nothing special. That certainty dissolved the moment her strong gut instinct exploded with unsettling premonitions. With her world in a tailspin, she heads home for help in figuring out why, only to find her past waiting for her in more ways than one.

Ethan Lowe, local bad boy shifter of the Catamount Pride, has haunted Jewel’s dreams for a decade. When the two meet again, old passions ignite, reawakening desires and regret she’d rather not face, especially not with everything she believed about herself challenged by revelations that threaten to destroy her. Literally.

Can she learn to accept the truth about herself as well as her feelings for Ethan and learn to trust? Can she learn to control her newfound abilities and save herself? It’ll take help—from her past, present and future.

*Contains adult content. Adults only.


Sassy Ever After Kindle World Exclusive

​​“Do you still believe things are meant to be?”
Her eyes found his. “Not so much anymore.”
“I didn’t either, until now.”

Being alone is not an option for a Witch like Lael. Not when her best friend is hell-bent on turning her love life into an episode of love connection gone wrong. But for a seer like Lael, finding someone to help turn up the heat is not an easy fix. Not until fate blindsides her head long into the last man she ever expected to see again. 

You’re not welcome. For Jet Ellis those words were something he’s had to live with for most of his life. Ever since his future went up in smoke the day he was forced from the magical life he was supposed to have. Why? For being a half-blood shifter.

It’s been ten long years since they saw each other. Old passions ignite, rekindling a fire than never truly died. But revelations from the past bring a deadly challenge that will either unite them forever or destroy them for good. Can the two survive and finally find their happily ever after?

*Contains adult content. Adults only.




Sassy Ever After Kindle World Exclusive

​Close Enough to Touch…or Slap.
Half breed shifter MacKenna Quinn doesn’t do trust. Not since waking to find her lover gone and the words I’m sorry scrawled on a note beside her pillow. Since then she’s moved on. A new job in a new town, until she finds herself face to face with her past.

Unfinished Business.
Liam Lowe, Alpha of the Catamount Pride, can have any woman he wants. Problem is he doesn't want any of them. A loner, he doesn’t do social, but an unexpected guest at his brother’s wedding changes the rules of engagement. 

Old sparks turn to flame, rekindling old passion and regret, but that passion is tested to the limit when MacKenna’s job threatens more than just her life. Can the two put their unfinished business aside long enough to save more than one life?

*Contains adult content. Adults only.


Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle World Exclusive

A dragon shifter, a curse, a rare book, and the woman who is the key to setting him free…

Finding the love of a lifetime won’t happen between the dusty pages of old books, but for researcher Camille Forester, it’s her job. She’s hopeful a call to Gerri Wilder and the Paranormal Dating Agency will fix the lack of romance in her quiet librarian’s life and put her between the sheets instead of just between the pages. What she didn’t expect was the fantasy hero who appeared in her living room, naked and ready to please. Talk about a book boyfriend come to life! A sex-slave cursed into the book Gerri gave her, his story is too fanciful to believe, yet somehow Camille knows he’s telling the truth. Now all she wants is him and to break the curse so they can have their own happily ever after.

*Contains adult content. Adults only.